…and we’re back!

25 Mar

The last post I made was me whining about not being caught up. Well now I am. Cool. It took a couple days of sitting at my desk and editing all stinkin’ day. HOWEVER, if I’m editing all day, I can’t really get out and shoot stuff at the same time. No, I’m not whining. Really. That’s just how we operate with a two-person TV station. I hope you have seen the stuff we’ve been doing lately, I’m pretty proud of it. “Indian Road” episode two was just kind of snakebit it seemed. It should have been in rotation 6-8 weeks ago. I wonder if this is how it feels to make an album? Well, here’s hoping the next one won’t take three months to get on the air. We’re hoping to shoot an “Indian Road” at Gathering of Nations next month–we’re not sure yet what the format would be, but we feel it would be something that our viewers would like. Stay tuned.

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