About Birney’s Indian Name, Oevemanȧhéno by Elaine Strangeowl

04 Apr

About Birney’s Indian Name, Oevemanȧhéno
by Elaine Strangeowl

Naa tséheškéto nánȯhtsėstóvo hé’tóhe tséhmano’éévȯse Oevemanȧhéno
And my mother I asked her(about)this where they have a village, Scabby Place,

tséhestohe. Hénova’e tséohkėhésenėhestohe hé’tóhe Oevemanȧhéno, náhéto.
as it is called. “Why is it called this Scabby Place?” I said to her.

Naa hákó’e tótseha tsėhéóhe tséssáa’éšemano’ééhévȯse vo’ėstaneo’o,
“Well, long ago here when the people did not yet have a village,”

éhevoo’o, netao’o háá’ėše móméhaenonó’kevo’ėstanéhevėhevóhe tsé’tóhe Oevemanaho, she said, “All over far away they used to live by themselves, these Scabbies,

tséohkėhestóhese hétsetseha, naa tséssáa’éšemano’ééhévȯse, éhevoo’o.
as they are called now, and when they did not yet have a village,” she said.

Mó’ȯhkeméhae’ovóenėhestóhehanéhe To’ėsėhahtámȧhóeve’ho’eno,
“It first used to be called Longfoot Town,

mó’ȯhkeméhaehestóhehanéhe. Hetane nėhéóhe móhvo’ėstanéhevėhéhe.
it used to be called that. A man lived there.

Móxhoháa’ėstȧhehéhe naa móhto’ėsėhahtȧhéhe. To’ėsėhahtámȧhóeve’ho’eno,
He was tall and he had long feet. Longfoot Town,

éohkeméhae’ovóehestohe, éhevoo’o. Naa tsé’tóhe hetane móhnėheševéhehéhe
it first used to be called,” she said. “And this man was named

Oevemana. Naa hétsetseha Oevemanȧheno tsétaohkėhósėhestohe, éhevoo’o. Naa
Scabby. And now Scabby Place as it is again called,” she said. “And

nėhe’xóvéva ésáa’éšemȧhóestovėhane hétsėhéóhe, éhevoo’o.
at that time there was not a town here,” she said.

(Note: Birney is the most southern town on the Northern Cheyenne Indian
Reservation of Montana

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