Arapaho – Animate Verbs – Questions and Negations

04 Apr

Arapaho – Animate Verbs – Questions and Negations

To ask a question with animate verbs, you add koo- just like with the inanimate verbs. The verb gets shorter the same as before as well. And you drop the endings on the verb just as before as well. In this case, its the suffixes which mean “I” “you” etc which get dropped. However, they have to be “added back on” at the beginning of the question:

neniisí3ei-noo I am working
koo-né-niisí3ei am I working?

beníi3béé-n you are cooking
koo-he-bíí3bee are you cooking?

heneenéti-t she is talking
koo-heenét is she talking?

To make a sentence negative, you add hoow- just like with inanimate verbs. Again, the verb shortens, and again, the endings are dropped. As above, they are added back on at the beginning:

néí-hoow-niisí3ei I’m not working

héí-hoow-bíí3bee you’re not cooking

hoow-eenét she’s not talking
Exercize: Translate the following into Arapaho

1. you’re not working
2. I’m not cooking
3. is she cooking?
4. are you working?
5. he’s not cooking


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