Arapaho- Common inanimate nouns:

04 Apr

Arapaho – Nouns – Inanimate

Arapaho nouns are divided into two groups – things which are living or thought of as living (animate nouns), and things which are not (inanimate nouns).

Here are some common inanimate nouns:

wo3ónohoe paper, book
bíí3ihíitóo table
3í’okúutóo chairr
ce’éiinox bag
bíí3wo food
béí’ci3é’ money
wótoo pants
bíixúút shirt
wo’óh shoe


Inanimate nouns are most often made plural by adding -no. Sometimes, -ono is added, and if the noun already ends in -n, then just -o is added. A few nouns are made plural by adding some other letter plus -o:

wo3ónohóéno papers, books
bíí3ihíitóóno tables
3í’okúutóóno chairs
ce’éiinó3o bags
wótooho pants
bíixúútono shirts
wo’óhno shoes
(bíí3wo is already plural)

Demonstratives (“pointing words”)

If you want to be more specific when talking, you can use the words núhu’ (this) and hínee (that):

núhu’ wo3ónohoe this paper (near me)
hínee wo3ónohoe that paper (over by you)
núhu’ wo3ónohóéno these papers (near me)
hínee wo3ónohóéno those papers (over by you)

Note in the last sentences that these words don’t change when the noun is made plural.

Exercize: Translate the following sentences into Arapaho:

1. This chair.
2. That table.
3. These bags.
4. Those pants.
5. This shoe and(“noh”) that shirt.
6. These tables and those papers.

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