Arapaho – Inanimate Nouns – Possession

04 Apr

Arapaho – Inanimate Nouns – Possession

To say “my book” or “your shirt”, you must add prefixes to the noun. Examples (with hyphens added for clarity) are:

no-wo3ónohoe my book
he-bíixúút your shirt
hi-wo’óh his shoe
ne-bíixúút my shirt
ho-wo3ónohoe your book
hi-bíixúút her shirt

The general rule is:

my ne- or no-
your he- or ho-
his/her hi-

You use ne- and he- when the first vowel of the noun is e or i. You use no- and ho- when the first vowel of the noun is o or u. Note that hi- never changes.

Possession and plurals:

You can make the nouns plural in the normal way:

no-wo3ónohóé-no my books
he-bíixúút-ono your shirts
hi-wo’óh-no his shoes

Exercize: Translate the following sentences into Arapaho:

1. Your bag
2. Her book
3. My papers
4. His chairs
5. His table
6. My shoes
7. Your pants
8. Her shoes
9. My chair
10. Your paper


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