Arapaho Material Culture Terms

04 Apr

XML File of Arapaho Material Culture Terms, Displayed via XSL

Category Arapaho English Notes Reference
clothing: be’étoo-no headdress deverbal of bee’etee’
clothing: beesceeneyoo-no armlets/armbands K1983:171, DK1997:155
clothing: bee’étee’/béé’etéí’-i headdress see Salz ‘roach’
clothing: bee3iyoo property, clothing < Alonzo: see prayers by Kroeber K1916:108
clothing: béí3e’éé-xo’éyóoó hair grease see Salz ‘ointment’
clothing: béí’i shell gorget
clothing: béií3ooxuu bone necklace Salz Dict
clothing: beteex tanning agent < beteec
clothing: be’kuutoo(?) headdress ‘red stand’ K1916:107
clothing: biihí3-ii diaper powder; buffalo dung diapers
clothing: bii3ee’oux-[w]otoo (??) a kind of leggings DK1997:291
clothing: bii3ensinouxoo (??) a kind of shirt DK1997:291
clothing: bíixót buckskin
clothing: biixo’óh-no mocassin lining < biis-wo’oh-no
clothing: biixuut-ono shirt; dress; clothing
clothing: cecini-nou-wo winter robe
clothing: cééhnoocéí’oo’ it is fringed < ceeh-n-oocei ??-ropelike]
clothing: ceenééteeyóó’ bead
clothing: ceene’eici3oo-no horse ornaments < ceen(?)-e’ei-ci3-ei-
clothing: cee’íbinóotí’ bead ce’
clothing: ceitoo-no earring
clothing: ciitoobiixuut undershirt, inner garment K1916:98
clothing: héétee-wo’ohnóoó-no preshaped mocassins
clothing: hééyooxú’ it is fringed < hee-y-oox
clothing: hehiisí’ohúút-ono soap < hehiis-i’ohu-
clothing: he’iite’iici headband
clothing: híxono’éín bone necklace
clothing: hooté/hootoho sinews, threads
clothing: hou-wo blankets, bedding
clothing: hoyeibi3oo barrette
clothing: ko’eiyoo-no mocassin sole ko’ei-y-oo-‘
clothing: kokoohowoot-ono chief’s headdress, warbonnet
clothing: kootó’ohú’ it is beaded
clothing: koyootee belt
clothing: koyootoo-ho’ belt
clothing: neniiseekuu’ headdress < neniis-eekuu-‘
clothing: néyoo’úút-ono ornaments; cosmetics < nééyoo’úú-
clothing: nii’ehiiho’ bird-embroidered shoes DK1997:291
clothing: nii’eihii-neyoo’uut bird ornament DK1997:289
clothing: nii3heswouh-no arm bands
clothing: niscininouhuu- buckskin < nisice-inouhu-
clothing: noo’oeyookuu’ headdress, hatband < noo’oe-y-ookuu-‘
clothing: tou’cihiit belt; diaper < tou’-ci3ei-
clothing: 3ooxé/3ooxoho glove, mitten
clothing: 3ouxosúuú headdress
clothing: wohooninook thread < wohoon-
clothing: wooxon-o bracelet
clothing: woté’ hat
clothing: wótoo-ho legging
clothing: wotoukuhu-no wrist guards DK1997:155
clothing: wout-ono breechcloth
clothing: wowo’ooniini mask
clothing: woxuuk (?) leglets K1983:171
clothing: wo’ein necklace
clothing: wo’óh-no moccasin
clothing: wo’óhno3oo-no moccasin top
clothing: xoxouhu’ tanning agent
clothing: yeiyo-no’ hairpiece
cooking/eating items: béí’ci3ei-nóoó iron cooking pot
cooking/eating items: bes-nóoó-no tableware < bes-nooo-no
cooking/eating items: cebítee fuel
cooking/eating items: cebt-ou3óoó cross-stick, used to hold things over a fire for example square-hang
cooking/eating items: cebtoo’ooku3oo-no cross-sticks square-strap, attach
cooking/eating items: heebíyoo-no spoon
cooking/eating items: hii-tihii-nou’-u ladle
cooking/eating items: hii-tihii-niinou‘-u ladle
cooking/eating items: (hi)sítee fire
cooking/eating items: hotoo flat rock used for grinding things DK1997:258,341
cooking/eating items: neniisouní’-i forked sticks, used to support cross-sticks
cooking/eating items: niibécohúút-ono canteen < nii-becoh-
cooking/eating items: niis-iici-kuh-u’ collapsible cup niis
cooking/eating items: noosoo’ tinder ???
cooking/eating items: se’-nóoó plate
cooking/eating items: tóúyoo-no cup < tou-y-ei-
cooking/eating items: 3óuhó’yoo-no kettle < boil-thing
cooking/eating items: wooxé/wooxoho knife
implements/tools: bééte’ bow
implements/tools: be’i’io’ flesher bih’-io
implements/tools: bescie’oe-no flesher
implements/tools: bíínohóoó digging stick
implements/tools: biito’óóko’óóx saddle tree < biito’-hooko’oox
implements/tools: cecéhne’éicí-hino halter
implements/tools: cecihookok-no saddle blanket hooko’oox-uno?
implements/tools: ce’e’eino(xo)’onoox round head axe < ce’-e’ei-ho’noox K1916:89
implements/tools: cih’óte’eihoo comb
implements/tools: ciitoxko’neeyoo-no bridle < ciit-oxko’-
implements/tools: cíítoo’oyóó harness
implements/tools: ciiyóo-nó equipment, tools in general
implements/tools: híiicóó-no’ pipe
implements/tools: hínow-un paint
implements/tools: hisíteekuu3oo fire drill K1916:85
implements/tools: hóóko’óóx-ono saddle
implements/tools: hooko’oox-nih’-ohoe saddle pad filler see doll stuffing
implements/tools: hóóxuucihíít-ono cinch, girth < hooxuu-ci3-ei-
implements/tools: hóóxuukuu bellyband, girth for a horse
implements/tools: hoxoxhoo scraper
implements/tools: ho(ho)’(o)nóóx axe
implements/tools: ho’óeet-no paints
implements/tools: ho’oe(e)3oo-no paintbrush
implements/tools: kohyohoee-no glue note: kohyohoee or kohyoho’oe/ kohyohoeno
implements/tools: kokou-bei-ho awl < kokou-bei
implements/tools: kouteso’owoot-ono fly switch < kout-eso’on-
implements/tools: níísooneecihíít-ono hobble for a horse < niis-oonee-ci3ei
implements/tools: niskohoee-no quirt; whip
implements/tools: noho’koskuu3oo-no signal lights see Salz nohokos-/no’kos-
implements/tools: nooceiyoo-no thongs < n(ii)-oocei-
implements/tools: nook-ohoe medicine switch
implements/tools: noonoes-eihoo-no fly switch see comb, etc -eihoo
implements/tools: seenook-uu rope
implements/tools: siisiiy-ono rattle
implements/tools: tebe’einoo(?) saddle without ‘horns’ < teb-e’ei-noo DEV? K1916:89
implements/tools: tónooxóhoé-no auger
implements/tools: to’oxowóoó-no’ medicine ball
implements/tools: to’úút-no hammer
implements/tools: 3eiiyei’ok-ono stirrup < 3eii-
implements/tools: 3oohoe-no flesher
implements/tools: 3ooxe’(?) stone hammer, used to drive tipi pins Hayden 1873:332
implements/tools: woohon-ooku3oo-no splint < woohon (see thread)
implements/tools: woosoo3-ii arrowhead; flint for starting a fire
implements/tools: wooxé/wooxoho knife
implements/tools: hecoxooxe small knife K1916:86
implements/tools: heebetooxe large knife K1916:86
implements/tools: woteiho’yoo-no drumstick; drum? < wo’teiho’yei-
implements/tools: wottoneihii fire starter K1916:86
implements/tools: wo3onesi’-i strap
implements/tools: woxesíít-ono paintbrush
implements/tools: woxusiit-ono paint K1916:108, 117
implements/tools: xou’keeyoo shredder for working hides?
implements/tools: xooxoonei-hihi’ (?) pendants see hang K1983:60
items for transporting/storing things: bei-hoo’ awl case DK1997:155
items for transporting/storing things: cee’ei-n-oo’ bowl
items for transporting/storing things: ce’éiinox bag
items for transporting/storing things: ce’e3en-o bag
items for transporting/storing things: ciit-o3oo-no quiver; gun case < ciit-ho3-oo
items for transporting/storing things: hectoonohúút-ono child’s cradle
items for transporting/storing things: hínowun-ce’eiyoo paint bag < hinow-un + ce’ei-y-oo-‘
items for transporting/storing things: hoo’oee-n-oo’ clay bowl Curtis
items for transporting/storing things: ho’úw-oono3oo-no parfleche bags < ho’uwoo-no3oo
items for transporting/storing things: kokíyo(o?)-no3oot-no powder horn; bullet pouch < kokiyo-no3ee
items for transporting/storing things: niisibinoo-no (?) pointed quiver DK1997:154
items for transporting/storing things: nookohoe-nóoó-no bucket < nookohei
items for transporting/storing things: noneisi (?) bag covering none’eici?? see niise’eici DK1997:377
items for transporting/storing things: touse3oo-no pipe bag < tou-
items for transporting/storing things: touse3oo-no pouch
items for transporting/storing things: wooxo-hoo’ knife case
items for transporting/storing things: wóttonéíhii fire carrier fire starting kit? person who does this?
lodging/household: bééteetósoo’uh(i)t a blanket/buffalo robe with one hundred quill lines on it DK1997:291
lodging/household: be’iitoo-no pillow
lodging/household: besóowú’ wood shelter
lodging/household: biixou-wo fur blankets cihiit (nom); ku3ei- (AI) > kuhuut (nom)
lodging/household: hoxku3-oo’-ohoe-no tipi pins, used to close the front of the tipi
lodging/household: kox(u)k-u3-ohoe-no same K1916:98
lodging/household: hóhku3oo’(o)hóe-no same Salz – lacing pin
lodging/household: kóktee-nou muli-colored blanket
lodging/household: konoon-iitee-’ tipi liner and/or cover? ‘it is open (door)’
lodging/household: kox(u)k-o3-eeyoo-no kindling K1916:88
lodging/household: néécee-nou buffalo robe
lodging/household: neneesootox-ei’i eight-line embroidered/quilled blanket or buffalo robe DK1997:291
lodging/household: níiinon tipi
lodging/household: niisoo’-ouh-t twenty quill lines buffalo robe K1983:29
lodging/household: ni’ox-uu or nio’x-uu lodge decorations
lodging/household: noho’uce’ee-no tipi liner and/or cover
lodging/household: noh’oúúhtoohóee Sun Dance center pole
lodging/household: nonook-ouht white pillow DK1997:291
lodging/household: noo’oee-neyoo3oo-no tipi liner and/or cover < noo’oee-neyoo’uu- decoration?
lodging/household: notoyeic hide
lodging/household: seenook rope that ties tipi poles together at the top
lodging/household: tebe’eibesii stumps of wood < teb-e’ei-bes-ii K1916:89
lodging/household: tecénoo door of tipi
lodging/household: teesi’ niiinone’ top of tipi K1916:99
lodging/household: tonoukuhu3i’ three poles erected to hold up rest of tent < tonouk-uhu inherent passive K1916:98
lodging/household: tóukoohóe brush ‘shade’ or shelter
lodging/household: toyoon (?) dressed skin see heecee-n DK1997:154
lodging/household: 3ííxo’óé-no tipi peg
lodging/household: 3i’eyoo post, monument K1916:100
lodging/household: 3óuuyokóy tipi conical/pointed + tent
lodging/household: woh(u)n-ohoe-no backrest
lodging/household: woh(u)n-o3oo-no backrest
lodging/household: wónotóno’ tipi flaps on the top
religious items: biixónoo-no’ plume used in religious ceremony
religious items: ce’ééku3oo a sacred bundle K1983:23,368
religious items: 3i’eyoo-no pile of stones used as altar; pile of dirt outside sweat lodge
religious items: woh(u)n-ó3oo-no cloth offering, used in Sun Dance and fasting
religious items: wo’sohk (?) sacred bag DK1997:48
toys: bei’iisoo doll see Salz ‘let’s pretend’
toys: bei’iisoo-nih’-ohoe doll stuffing
toys: cééteyéh(i)t marble
toys: hiiníkotíít-ono toy
toys: niitóu(u)3óó flute,whistle
toys: neeníítoo old fashioned indian doll Salz Dict
toys: nenii3ootee-ni-’ basket tray the willow, woven baskets used for dice? Curtis
toys: to’se3oo-no game dice
weapons: bééte’ bow
weapons: beeteyook-uu bowstring
weapons: bíixóó’/ bíixóú’uu lance
weapons: cehéései-nó(h)’onóókee-no’ arrowhead Salz
weapons: ce’eexuu war club, tomahawk
weapons: ce’ee’o3oo(?) club, tomahawk K1916:118
weapons: ciit-o(o)hoe ramrod Hayden 1873:335
weapons: co’ooxuu war club, tomahawk
weapons: hoociihii-no(‘) (?) shield Hayden 1873:336
weapons: hoote/hootoho bowstring, sinew
weapons: noosoo(‘) gun-flint; tinder; a plant used as tinder
weapons: tokookeihi’ shield
weapons: towohoe round club < tow-ohoe
weapons: woosoo3-ii arrowhead
weapons: wooxé/wooxoho knife
weapons: woxookeihi’ shield
weapons: xohwoo(?) spear Hayden 1873:337 ; Schoolcraft 1853:448 Curtis ; Kroeber1983:164 ; Dorsey and Kroeber 1997:338 kooxoyeinoo)

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