Arapaho Place Names

04 Apr

XML File of Arapaho Place Names, Displayed via XSL

Category Arapaho English gloss of Arapaho Place
common morphemes -booo/bo’o road, trail
common morphemes -hooxeb spring
common morphemes -koh’owu’ stream
common morphemes heet- where…
common morphemes -ho’oooyoo’ rocky area; mountain range
common morphemes -iini’ ‘there is/are…here’
common morphemes -niicie river
common morphemes -niiciihehe’ little river
common morphemes niit- where…
common morphemes -nooxeb spring
common morphemes -notoyoo’ moutain
common morphemes -no’oowu’ house, lodge
common morphemes -okoy lodge/den
common morphemes -oobe’ earth, dirt
common morphemes -oowu’ lodge (forms nouns)
common morphemes -oowu’ water (forms verbs)
common morphemes -oo’oe’ brush
common morphemes -otoyoo’ mountain
common morphemes -ni3esoo’ pass
common morphemes -ni’ec lake
common morphemes tih- when/where…
common morphemes toh- when/where…
common morphemes -uuni’ same as -iini’
common morphemes -’ ’the place where…is’
common morphemes ni’ec lake
common morphemes ni’ec-i’ at the lake
common morphemes booo/bo’o road
common morphemes booo-ne’/bo’o-ne’ at the road
common morphemes ho’oowu’ house
common morphemes ho’oowuu’ at the house
ARKANSAS híí3o-’ow-úutéé’ camp on flat land general
ARKANSAS hí3o-’owú’ flat land general
CANADA 3i’eyoo-no ceremonial or memorial monuments general
CANADA neenkouut-e’ it is marshy general
CANADA nénebííhi’ in the north general
COLORADO hooxeihiinenii beiinese’ Pawnee fort Arapaho Peak
COLORADO hoxeenii-niicie? flint river Arkansas River
COLORADO hoheenii-niicie? Arkansas River
COLORADO hoo’ohee-niicie? [Life of Mrs White Bear] Arkansas River
COLORADO heeyeisoo-no’ toh-’ouu-3i’ where young falcons hang (in the wind) Baker Pass, west of RMNP
COLORADO nookhooseii’iini’ there is sagebrush Ball Park, Grand County
COLORADO nookooheii-koh’owu’ sagebrush creek Ball Park – creek in the area
COLORADO heetoh-so’owu’ where the land is flat Bartholf Park and Flats, RMNP (near Tuxedo Park)
COLORADO heetoh-so’esoo’ where it is flat Bartholf Park and Flats, RMNP (near Tuxedo Park)
COLORADO bih’ihii-ko’owu’ mule deer creek Beaver Creek, near RMNP
COLORADO ni’ec honouute’ the lake which hangs (above the valley) Bierstadt Lake, RMNP
COLORADO wox noho’kuhnee-t where a bear was chased up (the mountain) Bierstadt Moraine area, RMNP
COLORADO boo’-oowu’ red water Big Beaver River, RMNP
COLORADO toonooxuutee’ big meadow Big Meadows, RMNP
COLORADO hiiico’o the pipe Big Thompson River
COLORADO hiicoonoot pipe making Big Thompson River
COLORADO biisee3 tih’ii-kou’uni’ where blue ceremonial paint was gathered Blue River, near Kremmling
COLORADO héétoh-bíí3oonóó’ where it is steep Boulder area
COLORADO híí3einóón níit-bíí3ihí-3i’ hoh’éni’ buffalos where they graze on the mountain [?] Boulder area
COLORADO noowóo3-ííteen Left Hands band [?] Boulder area
COLORADO ce’eiinoonoohoet rawhide dish Boulder Creek, RMNP
COLORADO konook-oo’oe’ thick brush Buckhorn River
COLORADO “Buffalo Mountains” (Toll, p. 22) Buffalo Mountains (Medicine Bow Mts in area of Rawah Wild. Area?)
COLORADO heneecei-3esoo’ buffalo pass Buffalo Pass, between North Park and Laramie Trail
COLORADO heneecei-booo buffalo trail Buffalo Pass, between North Park and Laramie Trail
COLORADO beteesbiit fasting/vision quest Buffalo Pass, between North Park and Laramie Trail
COLORADO “Lake Creek” (Toll, p. 23) Buffalo Pass, Big Lake Creek, lake nearby
COLORADO niiinon the tepee Bullfrog Rock and Sheep Rock, along West Creek, RMNP
COLORADO heneecee tih-tebiini3ee-t the buffalo bull with a broken horn Bullfrog Rock, beneath it, along West Creek, RMNP
COLORADO hebesii tih’ii-woo3ee-3i’ where there are many beavers Cabin Creek, Boulder County, RMNP
COLORADO ho’oowu’ heetou’ where a house is located Cache la Poudre River, Fort Collins area
COLORADO hokooxúú-niiciihéhe’ tipi pole creek [?] Cache la Poudre River, Fort Collins area
COLORADO ce’einox the (game) bag Cache la Poudre River, basin in eastern part of the mountains
COLORADO niiinon the tepee Cascade area, RMNP – mountain southwest of there
COLORADO beteee-t nono’ei the Arapahos danced there Cascade area, RMNP – creek near there
COLORADO houusoo-no’ tih’ii-ceneni-3i’ where young crows are taken down (from the nest) Central City – pass near there (Berthoud Pass?)
COLORADO hiwoxuu huunisoo’ the elks horn Clark’s (Mtn?), RMNP
COLORADO hiwoxuu hookuhu’ee elks head Collegiate Range and Mount Massive
COLORADO koo’ohwuu-niicii-hehe’ little coyote river Colorado River, northernmost fork
COLORADO bes tookooxuusee’ a log lies across (the river) Colorado River, near Grand Lake
COLORADO wox niicii-hehe’ little bear river Colorado River, south (main?) fork
COLORADO hiinoox hoono’uu ??? Crystal Mountain, north of Estes Park
COLORADO cenii3-otoyoo’ entering/inside mountain Deer Mtn, RMNP
COLORADO niinenii-niicie tallow river Denver
COLORADO ho’nookee-nooxeb rock spring Devil’s Washboard area, north of Estes Park
COLORADO nouuteeyoono’ bone pipes Eagle Rock, near Estes Park, and School Section Rocks
COLORADO neeteekoonee-niicii-hehe’ little drowning river Elk River
COLORADO nenees-otoyou’u there are three mountains Estes Cone and Wind River Clifffs, RMNP
COLORADO heet-ko’einoo’ where it is circular Estes Park area
COLORADO cenouut-oobe’ steep land Estes Park area
COLORADO hisei-booo womans trail Estes Park – north area and trail across this area
COLORADO cenee-nohwoot tih-yoo-ni’ where the Sage Chicken dance was held Estes Park – small hill near Stanley Hotel
COLORADO heces-iiico’o little pipe Fall River, RMNP
COLORADO he3eb-booo dogs trail Fall River – trail along this river and over Millner Pass
COLORADO heebe3-booo big trail Flat Top Mtn and trail over this area, RMNP
COLORADO hee3éb teesí’ there on top ? Flat Top Mtn and trail over this area, RMNP
COLORADO nii’eihii 3i’oku-t an eagle sits there Fort Collins, road from there towards Estes Park, beyond “Red Rocks”
COLORADO benii3oonoo’ it is deep or steep Fraser River
COLORADO hó3o’uu níit-ko’ús-i’i stars where they fall to earth [?] Garden of the Gods, Colorado Springs
COLORADO hinenitee toh-nooxeih-t where a (giant) person left tracks Gianttrack Mtn, near RMNP
COLORADO beiines heetoh-kokoyoo’ where there is a square fort Granby, hills to the west, south of Colorado River
COLORADO heebe3-ni’ec big lake Grand Lake
COLORADO beteen-ni’ec holy lake Grand Lake
COLORADO kokuy gun Grand Lake, south point
COLORADO ce’einox the (game) bag Grand Lake area
COLORADO heenii-yoowuu anthills Grays Peak and Torrey’s Peak
COLORADO bonoh’oon-otoyoo’ thunder peak Hallett Peak, RMNP
COLORADO nii’eetei’i tih’ii-kou’uni’-i where white turnips are gathered Harm’s Peak
COLORADO ciitoowuu’ inside (the lodge) Horseshoe Park area, RMNP
COLORADO hooxee hookute’ wolfs canine James Peak and south of there
COLORADO hiwoxuu-koh’owu’ elk creek Joe Wright Creek
COLORADO koo’ohwuu-niicii-hehe’ little coyote creek Kawuneechee Valley, RMNP
COLORADO hiwoxuuhuu-3o’ohcoo pounded elk meat Kawuneechee Valley – area within
COLORADO niitoh-nonouhti- where we race Kawuneechee Valley – area within
COLORADO toh-okooxeee-ni’ where we get tepee poles Kawuneechee Valley – area within
COLORADO heebe3i-boo3etiit big battle Kawuneechee Valley – area within
COLORADO heneecei-booo buffalo trail Laramie Plains
COLORADO níit-kotóus-í’i where they took shelter Larimer County, rock formation along Interstate 25 near Wyoming border
COLORADO hebes-okoy beaver lodge Lily Lake and Lily Mtn, RMNP
COLORADO “beaver lodge mountain” Lily Mtn, RMNP
COLORADO hebes-okoy-otoyoo’. Lily Mtn, RMNP
COLORADO honooxoehebiisi’-iini’ there are bullberries there Little Beaver River, RMNP
COLORADO neniis-otoyou’u there are two mountains Longs Peak and Mt. Meeker
COLORADO 3ee3i’otoyoo’ lumpy mountain Lumpy Ridge, RMNP
COLORADO bih’ihii-koh’owu’ mule deer creek McCreary Hill and Spring, north of Estes Park
COLORADO beniix-otoyou’u bald/bare mountains McHenry’s Peak to Stones Peak – ridge above timberline in RMNP
COLORADO 3ooxone’ at the (womans stone) hammer Medicine Bow Mountains (and River)
COLORADO hooksee3oo tepee liner or protection Medicine Bow Mts, northwest-most hills
COLORADO bei’i’ei-niicii-hehe’ little shell river Michigan Creek, North Park
COLORADO beteesibiit fasting/vision quest Michigan Creek, spur between here and Illinois River (near Walden)
COLORADO neneehii3ei’-otoyoo’ middle mountain Middle Mtn, RMNP
COLORADO bih’ihii-booo mule deer trail Millner Pass, RMNP
COLORADO teiiton-ni’ec calm lake Mills Lake, RMNP
COLORADO bei3e’ee-no heads Mt. Alice and the peak to the west
COLORADO neneb-3i’ei’itei’i they face to the north Mt. Olympus and two other mountains near RMNP
COLORADO nooku-bee3ei-no white owls Mummy Range
COLORADO nenonxootei’i northern bodies Mummy Range, mountains to the north of this range
COLORADO hote’-itee sheeps heart Neota Mtn, near RMNP
COLORADO nii-cii-biicei’i it is never summer there Never Summer Mountains
COLORADO hiineniteen-otoyoo’ person mountain North and East Inlets – mountain between them, RMNP
COLORADO heneecei-booo buffalo trail North Park
COLORADO heneeceen-oowu’ or hii3einoon-oowu’, or heneeceen-okoy or hii3einoon-okoy Buffalo Lodge North Park, mountain on east side, near where Elk River starts
COLORADO hinen toh-3i’okut where a man sits Old Man Mtn, RMNP
COLORADO hoonouhut he warms himself Onahu Creek, RMNP
COLORADO beexookein-okoy mountain lions den Onahu Creek – between here and Timber Creek, RMNP
COLORADO wonoo3ee3i’ hookoh’o’ (newer style) Owl Canyon area, NW of Ft. Collins along US-287
COLORADO hookoh’o’ heetohwoo3ee3i’ (older style) many miller moths Owl Canyon area, NW of Ft. Collins along US-288
COLORADO nihoon-oobe’ yellow ceremonial paint Owl Creek, North Park
COLORADO heey-otoyoo’ long mountain Pikes Peak
COLORADO hite3oun-okoy sandhill cranes lodge Porphyry Peak, west of RMNP
COLORADO biixuut the shirt Prospect Mtn, near RMNP
COLORADO boo’-ho’oooyoo’ red rocky area Red Rocks – area on road from Ft. Collins to Estes Park
COLORADO ni’ec-i’ toh-boo3eti- the lake where we fought Rocky Mountain National Park – location in or near
COLORADO notkonii-booo scouts/warriors trail Rocky Mountain National Park – trail in the area of
COLORADO 3ooxone’ noho’oooyoo’ the hammer mountain range Rocky Mountains
COLORADO bih’ih toh-niibei’i-t where the mule deer sings Saddle Mtn, RMNP
COLORADO noobei-niicie sand river Sand Creek
COLORADO nii-cii-nec-iini’ never wet river [Kroeber – Name-Changing Prayer] Sand Creek
COLORADO nii’eihii-nohuux eagles nest Sawtooth Mtn, west of RMNP
COLORADO niisootoxu-3i’ heetoh-wo’teeneihi-3i’ where seven Utes (were defeated) Sawtooth Mtn, west of there
COLORADO beniis-otoyoo’ hairy (pine-covered) mountain Shadow Mtn, Echo Mtn, and Lookout Mtn, RMNP
COLORADO tih-noo’oeenootee’ ni’ec-i’ where there was a camp around a lake Sheep Mtn, a lake nearby, in RMNP [or Sheep Mtn?]
COLORADO toxu’oo’ husei to’uut sharp womans hammer Signal Mtn, north of Estes Park
COLORADO honooxoen-otoyoo’ wolf mountain Signal Peak, along Cache la Poudre River
COLORADO niinenii-niicie tallow river South Platte River
COLORADO heetoh-xouu’oo’ where it smokes Specimen Mtn, RMNP
COLORADO neniikote’eit neh’eih-t where Bushy Head was killed Steamboat Springs, nearby
COLORADO heneecee tees-noho’kuhnee-t where a buffalo bull was chased up on top (of the mountain) Steep Mountain, RMNP (near Tuxedo Park, later renamed Gianttrack Mountain?)
COLORADO wox-eihtoo bears paw Stones Peak, Mt Julian, and area between them, RMNP
COLORADO wox-se’eihtoo bears foot Stones Peak, Mt Julian, and area between them, RMNP
COLORADO bih’ihii-koh’owu’ mule deer creek Strawberry Creek, near RMNP
COLORADO ce’einox the (game) bag Strawberry Creek area
COLORADO wox-otonou’u bears ears Strawberry Peak and a neighboring one
COLORADO hiwoxuu tih-kootoo’ni-3i’ where elk are trapped Strawberry Peak, south of there
COLORADO hiikono the lungs Table Mountain
COLORADO 3owonooxowoo the (hair) bangs Taylor Peak, RMNP
COLORADO hii3einoon toh-ouuhu-t where a buffalo herd climbed up Thatchtop Mtn, RMNP
COLORADO hee3éb-teesí’ towards the top Thatchtop Mtn, RMNP
COLORADO bonoh’ooo-ni3esoo’ thunder pass Thunder Pass, RMNP
COLORADO tei’yoon-booo childs trail Trail Ridge trail and area, RMNP
COLORADO ti’iinenii cebtiit shooting Apaches Upper Beaver Meadows area, RMNP – rock formation on edge of meadows
COLORADO ti’iihiinen tih-neh’eee-t where an Apache was killed Upper Beaver Meadows area, RMNP
COLORADO ti’iihiinen tih-oowo’oh’oee-t where an Apache was shot down (off a rock) Upper Beaver Meadows area, RMNP
COLORADO hisei tih-noo3ee-t where a woman was left behind Upper Beaver Meadows area, RMNP – between here and Horseshoe Park
COLORADO heet-too-tonoti’ where there are caves Walsenburg – area to the west of
COLORADO heeseise’?? windy Walsenburg – area to the west of
COLORADO woe’teeneihi3i’ niih’eikuhnee-3i’ where Utes were chased away West Creek, RMNP – an open park along the creek
COLORADO toh-co’oo’oe’ where it is brushy White Elk Flat, RMNP
COLORADO yonookoxuu’uunni’ there are willows Willow Creek, Grand County
COLORADO hisei tih’ii-noxouso’on-eit bes where a woman was killed by a log Windy Gap, east of RMNP
COLORADO nih’ohuu-biisee flying bug Woodward Rock, Larimer County
COLORADO héces-niiciihéhe’ little river unknown river, south of the South Platte
EASTERN US héet-óowú’ where water Gulf of Mexico and nearby coastal areas (Louisiana, etc)
EASTERN US bees-niicie big river Mississippi River
EASTERN US co’cooneiteen Mexican/Spanish (bread people) town St. Louis, MO
EASTERN US heet-ko’einoo’ where it is round Washington, DC
IDAHO beneh-tiiteen all may enter(?) Ft. Hall
KANSAS benéet-óowú’ holy water general
MONTANA tebexonoo saw [the tool] Billings
MONTANA woxuu-niicie bear river Billings
MONTANA biinohooo digging stick Hardin
MONTANA bees-niicie big river Yellowstone River
NEBRASKA so’-óóbe’ flat land general area
NEBRASKA hiwoxuu hinii3oon(?) the elks penis Chimney Rock
NEBRASKA beniii-no’oowu’ soldiers house Ft. Robinson
NEBRASKA nook-o’oowu’ white house Ft. Robinson
NEBRASKA nook-oowu’ white water White River
OKLAHOMA cii-wo’óh-nii not wearing shoes Barefoot/Carleton(?)
OKLAHOMA 3oxoohei-koh’ówu’ Plains Apache creek Cache Creek
OKLAHOMA heces hoowóh-’óowú’ small many-houses Calumet
OKLAHOMA hooxéí-niicíí wolf river Canadian River
OKLAHOMA woox-ú’ei-t nookucowoot he has an ugly face ……. Canton
OKLAHOMA henéécei-niicie buffalo bull river Cimarron River
OKLAHOMA céénsib-éít (horse) threw him to the ground Colony
OKLAHOMA kooyéíhei’ít he is pulling something out (such as tipi stakes from the ground) Concho
OKLAHOMA koxtéé-no’óowú’ spotted buildings Darlington
OKLAHOMA be’éíheehíhi’ little red buildings? Darlington
OKLAHOMA bih’ihii-koh’ówu’ deer creek Deer Creek
OKLAHOMA same as Concho El Reno
OKLAHOMA wo’téén-o’óowú’ black house El Reno
OKLAHOMA bo’óowúú red houses Fort Cobb
OKLAHOMA wosei-nooxebei-t it is a wild horse Geary
OKLAHOMA ceeneeteenesoo’ green grass, field (translation from English?) Greenfield
OKLAHOMA nówuu-koh’ówu’ fish creek Kingfisher
OKLAHOMA béteen-hóxtoonó’uu sacred/holy cliffs Medicine Bluffs
OKLAHOMA hebesii-niicii beaver river North Canadian River
OKLAHOMA bo’-óóbe’ red soil Oklahoma (state of)
OKLAHOMA tih-kouuhoe’ee when they show off something? Oklahoma City
OKLAHOMA heetéh-3i’i-éiite’ where it is pointy Oklahoma, location unknown
OKLAHOMA boo’oowu’ flows red Red River
OKLAHOMA niicóoowúú-koh’ówu’ salt creek Salt Fork, of the Arkansas River
OKLAHOMA boo’ooowu’ flows red South Canadian River
OKLAHOMA beescénee-coo’ó[toyóó’] turkey hill Turkey Hills (?)
OKLAHOMA hokooxuuniicii tipi pole river Washita River
OKLAHOMA wó’teen-koo’óh black coyote Watonga
OKLAHOMA or: nóóku cowó’(oo) running rabbit Watonga
SOUTH DAKOTA nookó-owu’ white land general area
SOUTH DAKOTA wox niiinon bears tepee Black Hills
SOUTH DAKOTA wo’teen niiinon black tepee Black Hills
TEXAS beníiinéé-3i’ they stay as a group general area:
UTAH niico’ooowu’ it is salty Great Salt Lake
UTAH niico’ooowu’ it is salty Salt Lake City
UTAH woo’teeneihi- the place where the Utes are whole state
WYOMING nonooco’otoyoo’ white mountain Alkali Butte (far s.e. corner of Reservation)
WYOMING nisice-niicie antelope river Antelope Creek
WYOMING hinono’ei- the place where the Arapahos are Arapahoe
WYOMING teesihcehei-no’oowu’ mounting/jumping on house Arapahoe Rail Depot (no longer existing)
WYOMING beneex-ooku-no’oowu’ big eye house Arapahoe Store (no longer existing)
WYOMING koonootoo’hoe-ne’ at the (ranch with a lock opened with a) key Arapahoe Ranch, Padlock Ranch
WYOMING nouuh-oowu’ swift fox lodge/den Arminto and surrounding area
WYOMING heet-niiseekuu’ where two (Sun Dances) were put up Arminto area – nearby – Lost Cabin
WYOMING koo3couhu’ muddy? Beaver Creek
WYOMING 3eniixo-booo steep road Beaver Rim – the Old Beaver Rim Road
WYOMING kox3i’ over the hill Big Wind (area just n. of Arapahoe)
WYOMING nonookuneesee3ii’ place where grizzly bear clan lived Big Wind (area just n. of Arapahoe)
WYOMING te3ou-nohuux sandhill cranes nest Big Wind River
WYOMING houunenii-noho’oooyoo’ Crow (tribe) mountain range Bighorn Mountains
WYOMING ceeneeteen-otoyoo’ blue mountain Blue Ridge (south of Owl Creek, north end of Reservation)
WYOMING konouuwoo’oe’ shade trees or sweat trees Bonneville
WYOMING hox(w)uusii-niicie box elder river Box Elder Creek
WYOMING heet-bii3oonoo’ where there is a canyon Boysen Canyon (Wind River Canyon)
WYOMING heet-hokouni’ where it is dammed up Boysen Dam
WYOMING same as Ethete Bridgeport
WYOMING hoheisii-niicie crazy woman river Buffalo
WYOMING bei’i’ii-niicie shell river Casper
WYOMING hitesii-no’oowu’ Cheyenne (tribe) house Cheyenne
WYOMING heeni’ei-no’oowu’ long hair (Buffalo Bill)s house Cody
WYOMING teb-iinis broken horn Devil’s Tower
WYOMING wox niiinon bears tepee Devil’s Tower
WYOMING nisice-niicie antelope river Douglas
WYOMING touhoonenii-no’oowu’ cowboy house Dubois
WYOMING niis-onoh’oho’ two boys Dubois
WYOMING woo’teen-otoyoo’ black mountain Elk Mountain
WYOMING konouutosei’ the place where the Shirtless band is Ethete
WYOMING noono’owu’ where the rivers come together (Lower Arapahoe area)
WYOMING beniii-no’oowu’ soldiers house Ft. Fetterman
WYOMING ciiko’oot-oowu’ stingy house Ft. Fetterman
WYOMING beniii-no’oowu’ soldiers house Ft. Laramie
WYOMING wo’teen-no’oowu’ black (soldiers) house Ft. Laramie
WYOMING wo’teen-nih’oo3ou-no’oowu’ black peoples house Ft. Laramie
WYOMING cee’eyei-no’oowu’ distribution house Ft. Washakie
WYOMING 3iikon-ookuhu’ee skull Green River (the town)
WYOMING 3iikonei-niicie skeleton river Green River (the town)
WYOMING heneecee nookuxou’ei-t buffalo bull ??? Greybull River (and town of Greybull)
WYOMING heetoh-noo3eihi-3i’ hokooxuno’ where they were abandoned tipi poles [Note: Horse Thief Canyon, base of, near “Jess Posie’s Place”
WYOMING ni’-ec-i’ at the good water or at the lake Hot Springs (on Wind River Reservation between Ethete and Fort Washakie
WYOMING boo’-oowu’ red water Hudson
WYOMING nihoon-ouute’ yellow land area Kirby Draw, on/near Wind River Reservation
WYOMING hoowoh-oowu’ many houses Lander
WYOMING niit-okooxeeet-iini’ where tepee poles are obtained Laramie
WYOMING hokooxuu-niicii tipi pole river Lodgepole Creek
WYOMING konouuw-oo’oe’ sweat brush Lost Cabin
WYOMING co’cooniiteen Mexican tribe, tribal place Mexican Pass (on Reservation)
WYOMING wo’teen-booo-ne’ hotoonee-no’oowu’ blacktop road store Milford and Milford Store
WYOMING wosoouhone’ the place where the Sock clan is Mill Creek
WYOMING heet-no’owu’ where the rivers come together Muskrat Draw
WYOMING hiixoxouhu’ booo muskrat road Muskrat Draw
WYOMING boo’-otoyouhu’ red hill Nebo
WYOMING coo’otou’uw-ootee’ high trail Nebo
WYOMING ceneit-eetee’ entering area North Forks area, Wind River Reservation
WYOMING bei’i’ei-niicie shell river North Platte River
WYOMING konouuwoo’oe’ shade trees or sweat brush No Wood
WYOMING hecesei-howoh’-oowu’ small town Pavillon
WYOMING woox-c-oo’ it tastes bad Poison Creek
WYOMING boo’-oowu’ red water Popo Agie River
WYOMING ce’i3ee-niicie powder river Powder River
WYOMING heso’oo-booo-ne’ at the railroad Rawlins
WYOMING heet-bo’-hu’tee’ where there is a red hole in the ground Red Canyon (sw of Thermopolis)
WYOMING boo’otoyou’u red mountains Red Hills (just west of springs between Ethete and Fort Washakie)
WYOMING heet-be’-bisiinoo’oo’ where red [water] leaks out Red Springs (w. of Thermopolis)
WYOMING hooxono’oo on the other side of the river Riverton
WYOMING ho’nookee-nooxeb-ine’ at the rock springs Rock Springs
WYOMING siiyoho’ nookei’i white sandstone rocks Rock Springs
WYOMING nookunouhu- where they wear white clothes St. Michael’s Mission
WYOMING heeninouhu-’ where they wear long clothes St. Stephen’s (especially the Mission)
WYOMING beteeeno’oowu’ dancing lodge St. Stephens – area of old dance hall east of there
WYOMING tecenoo the door Saratoga, between here and Encampment along the North Platte River
WYOMING cooo’ the trap Saratoga, eastward of the above location
WYOMING heet-hoc[k?]oootee-t where it [road] crosses the river Seventeen-Mile Crossing (on Reservation)
WYOMING nii3onii-niicie tongue river Sheridan
WYOMING nei’ii-niicie goose river Sheridan – a river near there
WYOMING sosoni’ Shoshone Shoshoni
WYOMING neecee siiyoho’ nookei’i white sandstone rocks (where) chiefs (got drunk) Shoshoni – area to the west where some chiefs got drunk
WYOMING heet-hinowunoo’oo’ where [the water] disappears underground Sinks Canyon
WYOMING cebii passing along? South Fork (of Wind River?, Popo Agie River? Little Wind River?) – on Reservation
WYOMING kooh’-ouute’ split land area Split Rock
WYOMING hohookee-no’oowu’ crazy house State Training School (at Lander)
WYOMING hiinooxuu-niicie crossing river Sweetwater River
WYOMING hohootii-iini’ there are trees (cottonwoods) there Ten Sleep
WYOMING xonouu’oo’ in smokes Thermopolis
WYOMING xook-hooxono’oo through (the mountains) it smokes Thermopolis
WYOMING nii3onii-niicie tongue river Tongue River
WYOMING heneecei-nonii buffalo bulls back fat Tyler
WYOMING biito’owu’ the earth Veedauwoo, Medicine Bow NF
WYOMING heet-3ii-3i’e’eiite’ where it is pointy Washakie Needles
WYOMING nonook-otoyoo’ white mountain White Hills (west of Riverton)
WYOMING wootei-niicie noisy river Wind River
WYOMING niit-iine’etii-no’ where we live Wind River Reservation
WYOMING heet-ihco’oo’ where it (water or land) rises up Yellowstone area
WYOMING hisee3-niicie pine river unknown location in northern Wyoming, north of Lodgepole Creek
WYOMING tih-’eniheih-t cowo’oo when[where] she was lost Swift Runner unknown location near the North Platte River
WYOMING toh-ko’ein-oowuu-hehe’ little river where the water goes in a circle unknown location to the west of the Black Hills
WYOMING ciibeetino tohwoo3ei’i sweat lodges where there are many unknown location to the west of the Black Hills, near Whirlpool Creek
WYOMING House Mountains’ unknown location on N/NE area of the Reservation, or to the N/NE of it
Euro-American ho’oooyoo’ rocky area Haiyaha Lake, RMNP
Euro-American hiii-nec snow water Haynach Lakes, RMNP
Euro-American niisoo-no’ twins Mt. Nisa, RMNP
Euro-American wox bear Mt. Wuh, RMNP
Euro-American nowoo3 left-handed – name of Arapaho chief Left Hand Niwot, CO; Niwot Ridge, CO
Euro-American wo’teen-koo’oh black coyote – name of Arapaho chief Black Coyote Watonga, OK; Watonga Mtn, Lake, Creek, CO
Euro-American niibooot??? song??? – name of Arapaho chief Mt. Neva, CO

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Posted by on April 4, 2013 in ARAPAHO LANGUAGE


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