Arapapo – Verbs – Commands

04 Apr

Arapapo – Verbs – Commands
To give a command in Arapaho, you simply use the short form of the verb.
Any endings are dropped:
benii3íhi-noo I’m eating
bii3íhi eat!
neeyéi3éí-t he’s studying
neyéi3éí study!
For TI verbs, -oo is added to the end:
nenéí’oohóót-owoo I’m looking at it
néí’oohóót-oo look at it!
woo3onóh-ow you’re writing it
wo3ónoh-oo write it!
For TA verbs, the endings are as follows:

nenéí’oohow-ún you’re looking at me
néí’oohow-ú look at me!

ceeh’é3ih-ín you’re listening to me
ceh’é3ih-í listen to me!

ceeh’e3íh-oot he’s listening to her
ceh’é3ih-ín listen to her!

If you want to tell someone not to do something, use ciibéh-:

ciibéh-bii3íhi don’t eat!
ciibéh-néí’oohóót-oo don’t look at it !
ciibéh-ceh’é3ih-ín don’t listen to her!

Exercize: translate the following:
1. Eat!
2. Drink!
3. Sleep!
4. Speak Arapaho!
5. See it!
6. Hit it!
7. Look at him!
8. Listen to me!
9. See her!
10. Write it!

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