06 Jun

Here’s a little thing I wrote a few years back while working at KWTV NEWS 9.  It’s an ode to summer in Oklahoma …and the hair-dryer-in-your-face kind of heat that comes with it.  I surely hope the folks at NEWS 9 don’t mind me sharing it with a new audience.


Can you feel it?  I can.  It’s almost here.  The heat…the sizzle…the don’t-step-on-the-driveway-without-shoes kind of heat that’s unique to Oklahoma. 

The kind of heat where you sweat just standing still.

We’re approaching those 100 degree days of summer.  We came close the other day–around 95.  Like I said, we’re almost there. 

That started me thinking about summers past. 

I remember hanging out at Whitewater Bay when it was first built.  YES, I’m that old.  That is the coolest place in the world when you’re 14-15 years old.

Remember when public pools were just swimming pools?  No sprayers, no fancy water gizmos to shoot, just maybe a slide.  How in the heck did we stay entertained?  Easy, by timing our cannonballs just right to splash the girls hanging out on the side.  

In my YOUNGER years I was a nice cinnamon brown color all over during the summer.  These days, it’s a chore to avoid the dreaded FARMER TAN.  Nothing against farmers, it’s just hard to avoid the short-sleeve look without going shirtless.

My first car was a Chevy Camaro–very cool, but it had black VINYL seats.  You know where I’m going with this.  I used to show up at work every day with the old back-soak-look.  Not very cool.  

Of course, at night when we cruised up and down Air Depot it was still just as hot, but the Camaro’s air conditioner didn’t do much.  That’s because we drove with the windows DOWN.  I mean, how could you yell at your friends with ’em up? 

That just wouldn’t be cool.




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