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Wow, we’ve been busy! I mean, I could talk about Red Earth, or the Jim Thorpe Games, or the veteran bikers group that honored our Cheyenne and Arapaho veterans, or the nearly-week-long Youth Empowerment Conference held at SWOSU last week. And we’re tryin’ to get caught up with all of our editing. The plan is to produce a 30 minute show about the Red Earth weekend featuring Cheyenne and Arapaho artists and dancers. That show is over halfway done. We’re also talking about putting together a 30 minute show about the Youth Empowerment Conference. That REALLY needs to be done, since we shot a WHOLE LOT OF VIDEO there. Speaking of the conference, I gotta say that it was a blast! Truthfully, it was a lot of work putting together and teaching our workshops, but I think (and hope) that the students learned a little something. Keeping up with all of the dudes in my group was a challenge also, but they really were a great bunch.


CATV 47 won a first and second place in the “Best TV Feature” category of the 2013 Native American Journalists Association (NAJA) Media Awards. We’re gonna go pick them up next month at the National Native Media Conference in Tempe, AZ.

This story about Bunky EchoHawk won first place. We ran into him during the NIEA convention here in OKC last fall.

Bunky Echo-Hawk from CATV-47 on Vimeo.

And this story about Chief Lawrence Hart won second place. I spent some time with him last fall as well. Chief Hart is an inspiring person with a great story.

AND…be on the lookout for some new CATV 47 Station IDs that we shot with C& A youth.indoor shootpsa shootgreenshirt

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Here’s a little thing I wrote a few years back while working at KWTV NEWS 9.  It’s an ode to summer in Oklahoma …and the hair-dryer-in-your-face kind of heat that comes with it.  I surely hope the folks at NEWS 9 don’t mind me sharing it with a new audience.


Can you feel it?  I can.  It’s almost here.  The heat…the sizzle…the don’t-step-on-the-driveway-without-shoes kind of heat that’s unique to Oklahoma. 

The kind of heat where you sweat just standing still.

We’re approaching those 100 degree days of summer.  We came close the other day–around 95.  Like I said, we’re almost there. 

That started me thinking about summers past. 

I remember hanging out at Whitewater Bay when it was first built.  YES, I’m that old.  That is the coolest place in the world when you’re 14-15 years old.

Remember when public pools were just swimming pools?  No sprayers, no fancy water gizmos to shoot, just maybe a slide.  How in the heck did we stay entertained?  Easy, by timing our cannonballs just right to splash the girls hanging out on the side.  

In my YOUNGER years I was a nice cinnamon brown color all over during the summer.  These days, it’s a chore to avoid the dreaded FARMER TAN.  Nothing against farmers, it’s just hard to avoid the short-sleeve look without going shirtless.

My first car was a Chevy Camaro–very cool, but it had black VINYL seats.  You know where I’m going with this.  I used to show up at work every day with the old back-soak-look.  Not very cool.  

Of course, at night when we cruised up and down Air Depot it was still just as hot, but the Camaro’s air conditioner didn’t do much.  That’s because we drove with the windows DOWN.  I mean, how could you yell at your friends with ’em up? 

That just wouldn’t be cool.




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Springtime in Oklahoma brings more than just severe weather. It also serves up ugly reminders of broken treaties between the US government and Native people. Most elementary schools in Oklahoma conduct re-enactments of the Oklahoma Land Run of 1889, but increasingly, educators are re-thinking this yearly event.

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5 Cheyenne Hymns

Listen to 5 Cheyenne Hymns.

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Arapaho Material Culture Terms

XML File of Arapaho Material Culture Terms, Displayed via XSL

Category Arapaho English Notes Reference
clothing: be’étoo-no headdress deverbal of bee’etee’
clothing: beesceeneyoo-no armlets/armbands K1983:171, DK1997:155
clothing: bee’étee’/béé’etéí’-i headdress see Salz ‘roach’
clothing: bee3iyoo property, clothing < Alonzo: see prayers by Kroeber K1916:108
clothing: béí3e’éé-xo’éyóoó hair grease see Salz ‘ointment’
clothing: béí’i shell gorget
clothing: béií3ooxuu bone necklace Salz Dict
clothing: beteex tanning agent < beteec
clothing: be’kuutoo(?) headdress ‘red stand’ K1916:107
clothing: biihí3-ii diaper powder; buffalo dung diapers
clothing: bii3ee’oux-[w]otoo (??) a kind of leggings DK1997:291
clothing: bii3ensinouxoo (??) a kind of shirt DK1997:291
clothing: bíixót buckskin
clothing: biixo’óh-no mocassin lining < biis-wo’oh-no
clothing: biixuut-ono shirt; dress; clothing
clothing: cecini-nou-wo winter robe
clothing: cééhnoocéí’oo’ it is fringed < ceeh-n-oocei ??-ropelike]
clothing: ceenééteeyóó’ bead
clothing: ceene’eici3oo-no horse ornaments < ceen(?)-e’ei-ci3-ei-
clothing: cee’íbinóotí’ bead ce’
clothing: ceitoo-no earring
clothing: ciitoobiixuut undershirt, inner garment K1916:98
clothing: héétee-wo’ohnóoó-no preshaped mocassins
clothing: hééyooxú’ it is fringed < hee-y-oox
clothing: hehiisí’ohúút-ono soap < hehiis-i’ohu-
clothing: he’iite’iici headband
clothing: híxono’éín bone necklace
clothing: hooté/hootoho sinews, threads
clothing: hou-wo blankets, bedding
clothing: hoyeibi3oo barrette
clothing: ko’eiyoo-no mocassin sole ko’ei-y-oo-‘
clothing: kokoohowoot-ono chief’s headdress, warbonnet
clothing: kootó’ohú’ it is beaded
clothing: koyootee belt
clothing: koyootoo-ho’ belt
clothing: neniiseekuu’ headdress < neniis-eekuu-‘
clothing: néyoo’úút-ono ornaments; cosmetics < nééyoo’úú-
clothing: nii’ehiiho’ bird-embroidered shoes DK1997:291
clothing: nii’eihii-neyoo’uut bird ornament DK1997:289
clothing: nii3heswouh-no arm bands
clothing: niscininouhuu- buckskin < nisice-inouhu-
clothing: noo’oeyookuu’ headdress, hatband < noo’oe-y-ookuu-‘
clothing: tou’cihiit belt; diaper < tou’-ci3ei-
clothing: 3ooxé/3ooxoho glove, mitten
clothing: 3ouxosúuú headdress
clothing: wohooninook thread < wohoon-
clothing: wooxon-o bracelet
clothing: woté’ hat
clothing: wótoo-ho legging
clothing: wotoukuhu-no wrist guards DK1997:155
clothing: wout-ono breechcloth
clothing: wowo’ooniini mask
clothing: woxuuk (?) leglets K1983:171
clothing: wo’ein necklace
clothing: wo’óh-no moccasin
clothing: wo’óhno3oo-no moccasin top
clothing: xoxouhu’ tanning agent
clothing: yeiyo-no’ hairpiece
cooking/eating items: béí’ci3ei-nóoó iron cooking pot
cooking/eating items: bes-nóoó-no tableware < bes-nooo-no
cooking/eating items: cebítee fuel
cooking/eating items: cebt-ou3óoó cross-stick, used to hold things over a fire for example square-hang
cooking/eating items: cebtoo’ooku3oo-no cross-sticks square-strap, attach
cooking/eating items: heebíyoo-no spoon
cooking/eating items: hii-tihii-nou’-u ladle
cooking/eating items: hii-tihii-niinou‘-u ladle
cooking/eating items: (hi)sítee fire
cooking/eating items: hotoo flat rock used for grinding things DK1997:258,341
cooking/eating items: neniisouní’-i forked sticks, used to support cross-sticks
cooking/eating items: niibécohúút-ono canteen < nii-becoh-
cooking/eating items: niis-iici-kuh-u’ collapsible cup niis
cooking/eating items: noosoo’ tinder ???
cooking/eating items: se’-nóoó plate
cooking/eating items: tóúyoo-no cup < tou-y-ei-
cooking/eating items: 3óuhó’yoo-no kettle < boil-thing
cooking/eating items: wooxé/wooxoho knife
implements/tools: bééte’ bow
implements/tools: be’i’io’ flesher bih’-io
implements/tools: bescie’oe-no flesher
implements/tools: bíínohóoó digging stick
implements/tools: biito’óóko’óóx saddle tree < biito’-hooko’oox
implements/tools: cecéhne’éicí-hino halter
implements/tools: cecihookok-no saddle blanket hooko’oox-uno?
implements/tools: ce’e’eino(xo)’onoox round head axe < ce’-e’ei-ho’noox K1916:89
implements/tools: cih’óte’eihoo comb
implements/tools: ciitoxko’neeyoo-no bridle < ciit-oxko’-
implements/tools: cíítoo’oyóó harness
implements/tools: ciiyóo-nó equipment, tools in general
implements/tools: híiicóó-no’ pipe
implements/tools: hínow-un paint
implements/tools: hisíteekuu3oo fire drill K1916:85
implements/tools: hóóko’óóx-ono saddle
implements/tools: hooko’oox-nih’-ohoe saddle pad filler see doll stuffing
implements/tools: hóóxuucihíít-ono cinch, girth < hooxuu-ci3-ei-
implements/tools: hóóxuukuu bellyband, girth for a horse
implements/tools: hoxoxhoo scraper
implements/tools: ho(ho)’(o)nóóx axe
implements/tools: ho’óeet-no paints
implements/tools: ho’oe(e)3oo-no paintbrush
implements/tools: kohyohoee-no glue note: kohyohoee or kohyoho’oe/ kohyohoeno
implements/tools: kokou-bei-ho awl < kokou-bei
implements/tools: kouteso’owoot-ono fly switch < kout-eso’on-
implements/tools: níísooneecihíít-ono hobble for a horse < niis-oonee-ci3ei
implements/tools: niskohoee-no quirt; whip
implements/tools: noho’koskuu3oo-no signal lights see Salz nohokos-/no’kos-
implements/tools: nooceiyoo-no thongs < n(ii)-oocei-
implements/tools: nook-ohoe medicine switch
implements/tools: noonoes-eihoo-no fly switch see comb, etc -eihoo
implements/tools: seenook-uu rope
implements/tools: siisiiy-ono rattle
implements/tools: tebe’einoo(?) saddle without ‘horns’ < teb-e’ei-noo DEV? K1916:89
implements/tools: tónooxóhoé-no auger
implements/tools: to’oxowóoó-no’ medicine ball
implements/tools: to’úút-no hammer
implements/tools: 3eiiyei’ok-ono stirrup < 3eii-
implements/tools: 3oohoe-no flesher
implements/tools: 3ooxe’(?) stone hammer, used to drive tipi pins Hayden 1873:332
implements/tools: woohon-ooku3oo-no splint < woohon (see thread)
implements/tools: woosoo3-ii arrowhead; flint for starting a fire
implements/tools: wooxé/wooxoho knife
implements/tools: hecoxooxe small knife K1916:86
implements/tools: heebetooxe large knife K1916:86
implements/tools: woteiho’yoo-no drumstick; drum? < wo’teiho’yei-
implements/tools: wottoneihii fire starter K1916:86
implements/tools: wo3onesi’-i strap
implements/tools: woxesíít-ono paintbrush
implements/tools: woxusiit-ono paint K1916:108, 117
implements/tools: xou’keeyoo shredder for working hides?
implements/tools: xooxoonei-hihi’ (?) pendants see hang K1983:60
items for transporting/storing things: bei-hoo’ awl case DK1997:155
items for transporting/storing things: cee’ei-n-oo’ bowl
items for transporting/storing things: ce’éiinox bag
items for transporting/storing things: ce’e3en-o bag
items for transporting/storing things: ciit-o3oo-no quiver; gun case < ciit-ho3-oo
items for transporting/storing things: hectoonohúút-ono child’s cradle
items for transporting/storing things: hínowun-ce’eiyoo paint bag < hinow-un + ce’ei-y-oo-‘
items for transporting/storing things: hoo’oee-n-oo’ clay bowl Curtis
items for transporting/storing things: ho’úw-oono3oo-no parfleche bags < ho’uwoo-no3oo
items for transporting/storing things: kokíyo(o?)-no3oot-no powder horn; bullet pouch < kokiyo-no3ee
items for transporting/storing things: niisibinoo-no (?) pointed quiver DK1997:154
items for transporting/storing things: nookohoe-nóoó-no bucket < nookohei
items for transporting/storing things: noneisi (?) bag covering none’eici?? see niise’eici DK1997:377
items for transporting/storing things: touse3oo-no pipe bag < tou-
items for transporting/storing things: touse3oo-no pouch
items for transporting/storing things: wooxo-hoo’ knife case
items for transporting/storing things: wóttonéíhii fire carrier fire starting kit? person who does this?
lodging/household: bééteetósoo’uh(i)t a blanket/buffalo robe with one hundred quill lines on it DK1997:291
lodging/household: be’iitoo-no pillow
lodging/household: besóowú’ wood shelter
lodging/household: biixou-wo fur blankets cihiit (nom); ku3ei- (AI) > kuhuut (nom)
lodging/household: hoxku3-oo’-ohoe-no tipi pins, used to close the front of the tipi
lodging/household: kox(u)k-u3-ohoe-no same K1916:98
lodging/household: hóhku3oo’(o)hóe-no same Salz – lacing pin
lodging/household: kóktee-nou muli-colored blanket
lodging/household: konoon-iitee-’ tipi liner and/or cover? ‘it is open (door)’
lodging/household: kox(u)k-o3-eeyoo-no kindling K1916:88
lodging/household: néécee-nou buffalo robe
lodging/household: neneesootox-ei’i eight-line embroidered/quilled blanket or buffalo robe DK1997:291
lodging/household: níiinon tipi
lodging/household: niisoo’-ouh-t twenty quill lines buffalo robe K1983:29
lodging/household: ni’ox-uu or nio’x-uu lodge decorations
lodging/household: noho’uce’ee-no tipi liner and/or cover
lodging/household: noh’oúúhtoohóee Sun Dance center pole
lodging/household: nonook-ouht white pillow DK1997:291
lodging/household: noo’oee-neyoo3oo-no tipi liner and/or cover < noo’oee-neyoo’uu- decoration?
lodging/household: notoyeic hide
lodging/household: seenook rope that ties tipi poles together at the top
lodging/household: tebe’eibesii stumps of wood < teb-e’ei-bes-ii K1916:89
lodging/household: tecénoo door of tipi
lodging/household: teesi’ niiinone’ top of tipi K1916:99
lodging/household: tonoukuhu3i’ three poles erected to hold up rest of tent < tonouk-uhu inherent passive K1916:98
lodging/household: tóukoohóe brush ‘shade’ or shelter
lodging/household: toyoon (?) dressed skin see heecee-n DK1997:154
lodging/household: 3ííxo’óé-no tipi peg
lodging/household: 3i’eyoo post, monument K1916:100
lodging/household: 3óuuyokóy tipi conical/pointed + tent
lodging/household: woh(u)n-ohoe-no backrest
lodging/household: woh(u)n-o3oo-no backrest
lodging/household: wónotóno’ tipi flaps on the top
religious items: biixónoo-no’ plume used in religious ceremony
religious items: ce’ééku3oo a sacred bundle K1983:23,368
religious items: 3i’eyoo-no pile of stones used as altar; pile of dirt outside sweat lodge
religious items: woh(u)n-ó3oo-no cloth offering, used in Sun Dance and fasting
religious items: wo’sohk (?) sacred bag DK1997:48
toys: bei’iisoo doll see Salz ‘let’s pretend’
toys: bei’iisoo-nih’-ohoe doll stuffing
toys: cééteyéh(i)t marble
toys: hiiníkotíít-ono toy
toys: niitóu(u)3óó flute,whistle
toys: neeníítoo old fashioned indian doll Salz Dict
toys: nenii3ootee-ni-’ basket tray the willow, woven baskets used for dice? Curtis
toys: to’se3oo-no game dice
weapons: bééte’ bow
weapons: beeteyook-uu bowstring
weapons: bíixóó’/ bíixóú’uu lance
weapons: cehéései-nó(h)’onóókee-no’ arrowhead Salz
weapons: ce’eexuu war club, tomahawk
weapons: ce’ee’o3oo(?) club, tomahawk K1916:118
weapons: ciit-o(o)hoe ramrod Hayden 1873:335
weapons: co’ooxuu war club, tomahawk
weapons: hoociihii-no(‘) (?) shield Hayden 1873:336
weapons: hoote/hootoho bowstring, sinew
weapons: noosoo(‘) gun-flint; tinder; a plant used as tinder
weapons: tokookeihi’ shield
weapons: towohoe round club < tow-ohoe
weapons: woosoo3-ii arrowhead
weapons: wooxé/wooxoho knife
weapons: woxookeihi’ shield
weapons: xohwoo(?) spear Hayden 1873:337 ; Schoolcraft 1853:448 Curtis ; Kroeber1983:164 ; Dorsey and Kroeber 1997:338 kooxoyeinoo)

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Arapaho Language recordings from 1957

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Cheyenne Bible

Cheyenne Bible

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Cheyenne Stories

Check out these Cheyenne Stories. Some are Text documents and some are audio files spoken in the Cheyenne language.

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…and we’re back!

The last post I made was me whining about not being caught up. Well now I am. Cool. It took a couple days of sitting at my desk and editing all stinkin’ day. HOWEVER, if I’m editing all day, I can’t really get out and shoot stuff at the same time. No, I’m not whining. Really. That’s just how we operate with a two-person TV station. I hope you have seen the stuff we’ve been doing lately, I’m pretty proud of it. “Indian Road” episode two was just kind of snakebit it seemed. It should have been in rotation 6-8 weeks ago. I wonder if this is how it feels to make an album? Well, here’s hoping the next one won’t take three months to get on the air. We’re hoping to shoot an “Indian Road” at Gathering of Nations next month–we’re not sure yet what the format would be, but we feel it would be something that our viewers would like. Stay tuned.

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