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Cheyenne language tools on the Internet

By Wayne Leman in Tsêhésenêstsestôtse – The Cheyenne Language Community (Files)
Cheyenne language tools on the Internet:

Indian names:
Install Cheyenne dictionary with sound files on a (Windows) computer:
Install Cheyenne dictionary with sound files on Mac or Windows computers:
Cheyenne keyboard (for Windows computer):
Cheyenne Bible translation:
Cheyenne dictionary online:
Cheyenne books on website for Chief Dull Knife College:
freelang Cheyenne dictionary:
Cheyenne Language Web Site:
Cheyenne Picture Dictionary:
Cheyenne picture dictionary online:
Petter’s dictionary with personal comments in the margins:
Petter’s dictionary (a better quality scan):
Petter’s dictionary, complete PDF file to download; this is the filename, not a download link; the download link is in the left margin of the preceding link in this document: mdp.39015025866867.pdf
Lenora Holliman’s Cheyenne alphabet used in Oklahoma:

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